Car Paint Repair Set with Coat Pen Polish Shampoo Scratch Remover and Varnish Care

With the varnish repair set you can quickly and professionally remove small blemishes in the car paint.
With the paint repair set you can quickly remove small scratches in the varnish and polish your car. The paint repair pen is the optimal solution for smaller scratches. The magic pen makes scratches disappear and it works on all paint colours.
In combination with UV light the pen dissolves the paint layers, fills in the scratch and connects the material with the original paint. Therefore, it removes scratches forever and ensures corrosion protection. The hardening of the paint takes up to 48 hours. During this process the car should not be moved. During winter, you should not use the pen outside or in a cold garage. The professional paint repair pen comes in a set with a bottle of highly economical power shampoo and a bottle of paint polish.
Product Features:
? does not only cover scratches, but removes them
? works on almost any colour
? is activated by sunlight and connects with original paint
Set Includes:
? 1 x power shampoo 118 ml
? 1 x paint polish 118 ml
? 1 x professional paint repair pen 4 ml
Decorative items in the product picture are not included in the scope of supply.



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Zymol Clear Autobathe Shampoo 250ml

Zymol Clear Autobathe Shampoo 250ml

Will Not Remove your Zymol Wax when Washing.

A unique combination of pure tallow, pure coconut essence oil conditioners and lemon extracts, this product cleans and cares for your car without the need for sodium or solvents.

Zymol Clear Auto Bathe will release and remove surface grime without removing your Zymol wax layer.

250ml Bottle
Directions for use:
1. Two full squeezes of zymol clear into a clean wash bucket will provide the correct concentration. Fill the wash bucket with clean warm water.

2. Rinse your car thoroughly.

3. Wash using a zymol wash Sponge. Start with the roof, then wash the engine compartment lid and trunk lid. Rinse.
Note: Rinse the car and the sponge often.

4. Wash the upper door panels, fenders and tail. Rinse.

5. Now, with your rinsed-out sponge, wash the grille, lower door panels and the wheels. Rinse.
Important: Do not use soap-filled steel wool pads on the wheels or tires. These pads contain very strong sodium-based detergents.

6.Rinse your car thoroughly again; Towel or chamois it off, then Towel it dry.
Note: Do not use any other type of chamois other than a zymol Synthetic ChamoisTM or an English Cod-tanned Chamois. All other types of chamois will remove wax.

Kent Car Care Shampoo Wash Pad

Kent Car Care Shampoo Wash Pad

Produced from 100% cotton pile, to prevent any chance of scratching even the most delicate surface. Use with a wash & wax shampoo for best results

AutoGlym Bodywork Shampoo & Super Resin Polish 500ml & Extra Gloss Protect 325ml

AutoGlym Bodywork Shampoo & Super Resin Polish 500ml & Extra Gloss Protect 325ml

It isn’t the most glamorous task, but every external clean begins with a really good, thorough car wash.Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner is a pH neutral formulation. It is packed with active ingredients which clean your vehicle, without stripping away any polish or wax you have previously applied. Just add two capfuls to a 10L bucket of water. The shampoo can be used with warm or cold water and combines cleaning power with suds, allowing the sponge to glide over surfaces. Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner contains a water repellent film. As you rinse off the shampoo the film stays behind causing the water to sheet off the surface, helping you to dry the car quicker. Finish off the wash process with a Microfibre Drying Towel for the perfect finish.

Pro Tip: Do not wash your car in direct sunlight, the shampoo may dry on and you will end up rushing the job.

Super Resin Polish restores gloss to dull surfaces. Light scratches, swirls, stains and scuffs vanish leaving your paintwork like new. It is suitable for all types and colours of paint. It is simple to use and will never dry hard or become difficult to remove.

Super Resin Polish is a legend in the world of car care and you will find a bottle on the shelf in any true car enthusiast’s garage.

Pro Tip: If Super Resin Polish is used, there is no need to use Ultra Deep Shine as well.

Extra Gloss Protection is a durable, easy to use sealant that forms a barrier, sealing polish in and dirt out. Surfaces protected with sealants are easier to keep clean as dirt finds it harder to stick to this slippery surface. Extra Gloss Protection is not a polish, so will not remove or improve the appearance of scratches, swirls or dull paint. If your paint has these problems use Super Resin Polish first.

Pro Tip: If you use Extra Gloss Protection there you don’t need to use High Definition Wax as well.


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