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One essential condition required for an internal combustion engine to operate properly is to constantly lubricate the moving parts of the engine with oils maintained at the necessary level of cleanliness so as to prevent any premature wear. The oil filter provides continuous purification of the oil, by retaining abrasive particles which are caused by normal wear and tear, and also dust and combustion residues. Oil filters can be designed as ‘spin-on filter’ or as ‘filter-cartridge’ in housing. A spin-on filter is replaced completely after its useful life whereas in the other version only the cartridge needs to be replaced in the housing. By using the latest OE technologies, FRAM® offers its aftermarket clients the highest performance filters. In addition, thanks to constant value analysis, FRAM® is able to produce increasingly compact and lightweight filters thereby reducing the amount of recycling which helps to protect the environment. As an automotive filtration leader, FRAM® plays an active part in the ISO standardization committees and has greatly contributed to establishing new modern test methods that are accurate and reliable. In particular, filter efficiency as a function of particle size can be evaluated. FRAM® is offering to the most demanding aftermarket customers an extensive oil filter range, constantly updated following the market demand.

Smith & Allan HVI 68 Hydraulic Oil : Size – 20lt

Smith & Allan HVI 68 Hydraulic Oil : Size - 20lt

"EP Lubricating and Hydraulic Oil with High Viscosity Index","Proper function and operating safety of hydraulic systems is largely influenced by the quality of the hydraulic medium. In addition to the task of transferring forces,the operating fluid must seal,cool and lubricate. Since hydraulic oils are exposed to high stresses due to the operating conditions,they have to fulfill a large number of requirements. Smith & Allan HVI Hydraulic Oils are formulated on the basis of long-life mineral oils containing additives that further increase the aging resistance. The Smith & Allan HVI Hydraulic Oils are mineral oil-based,and have good demulsifying properties. Smith & Allan HVI Hydraulic Oils are used as hydraulic oils and also lubricating oils for various applications such as bearings and gear boxes,where high viscosity index and good load carrying capacity is required. Particularly suited to all applications in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems that require the use of an HV oil with a wide service temperature range. The appropriate grade should be selected based on the viscosity stated in the manufacturer’s literature and operating conditions."


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