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Autoglym Motorcycle Active Insect Remover, in 500 ml, is a concentrated foam designed to rapidly dissolve squashed insect remains from bodywork, windscreens and headlights. The Autoglym Insect Remover is suitable for all motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. Simply spray directly onto the motorbikes surface, leave for a few seconds, wipe off with a soft cloth then either hose down or dry with a paper towel. | – Fits/Covers the following. This part ONLY fits the models listed below : CLEANING-CARE

Fertan Rust Treatment Remover Converter 30ml Brush On

Fertan Rust Treatment Remover Converter 30ml Brush On

Brand New 30ml Bottle With Brush In Lid…

Destroys rust and protects steel….

Fertan is the optimal treatment for the removal of rust from all metal constructions…

Fertan converts rust to an inert stable surface that can be painted with any type of paint or coating. On bare metal it prevents rust from forming…..

Fertan is also very efficient at stopping and removing loose rust as it is washed of as a dust and the remainder is converted to form a stable surface…

Fertan is a tannic acid that is water based and non toxic. It also has an unlimited shelf life in closed containers….

The purpose of Fertan is to provide you with all the benefits of shot blasting with no surface damage and no material loss. The advantage is that it can be achieved by just unscrewing the top of container and working a brush or spray. …

As there is no blasting the process is nuisance free and silent. You are able to observe and be sure that all the rust has been converted before applying opaque paint coats…..

Laboratory tests and practical experience have proved this efficiency many hundreds of thousands of times across Europe and the rest of the world…..


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