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Vikan Car Interior Stiff Head Fabric / Carpet Brush

Vikan Car Interior Stiff Head Fabric / Carpet Brush

This Vikan Interior Stiff Head Fabric Brush is made of foamed polypropylene with red/green filaments in stiff polyester.

The brush is especially useful as a fabric brush for seats, carpets and floor mats.

The brush is 27cm long.
* Visible filament length (mm): 30

* Filament diameter (mm): 0.35

* Filament description: Stiff

* Depth (mm): 30

* Height (mm): 70

* Width (mm): 290

The Vikan Cleaning Group has been around for over 100 years and manufactures a massive range of professional cleaning equipment for a number of industries.

All their products specialist range of brushes are made to exceptionally high ISO standards in Denmark.

The quality of the range makes them ideal for commercial and trade application ensuring their long lasting ability.

Armorall 13530EN 530ml Leather Gel

Armorall 13530EN 530ml Leather Gel

Armorall Leather Care Gel 530ml AMA13530EN ArmorAll leather Care Gel cleans to the original natural finish, protecting against spills and stains in the future, as well as combating the gradual deterioration caused by UV rays and age.With in-car optional extras like air-conditioning and heated seats also on the increase, ArmorAll Leather Care Gel helps maintain the suppleness of leather seats and prevents the drying out that inevitably occurs, leaving the leather looking more lustrous.The rich, moisturising Gel has been specially formulated to be neither sticky nor greasy, for a more even, mess-free application, and is also safe for use on luggage, briefcases, furniture and handbags. AMA13530EN


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