Multi Use SYPHON and AIR PUMP. for petrol, diesel, water oil etc.

This device is very handy, it syphons (transfers) liquids and can be used to inflate things like balls and tyres.

It comes with

2 x 51 inch (130cm) hoses.
16 inch (41cm) air pressure hose with snap-shut valve.
24 inch (61cm) oil syphon tube.
Various adaptors
It can be used to syphon:

Bio Fuels
Many other types of liquids
Can Inflate

Beach toys
Inflatable beds
Comes with several different adapters to fit most inflatable objects.
Also it can be used to extract liquids for example if you overfill the car engine with oil this can be used to get some of it back out.



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Castrol 22495170 4L Power 1 Racing 4T 10W-30 Oil

Castrol 22495170 4L Power 1 Racing 4T 10W-30 Oil

Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T 10W30 Syn Motorcycle Oil 2249-7176 1 Litre.

Fully Synthetic 4-stroke engine oil with Trizone Technology, exceeds JASO MA-2 and API SJ.

Castrol Motorcycle Engine Oil Product Features.
Fully synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil
Trizone Technology
Tested to the extreme of temperature and engine conditions. Extreme high temperature air-cooled and water-cooled
engine performance. Excellent high speed oil consumption control and volatility.
Complies with requirements of catalyst equipped engines.

Ultimate Performance for Extreme Riding on road and track
Castrol Power 1 Racing is a FULLY SYNTHETIC 4-stroke engine oil for Sport, Super Sport and Race Replica motorcycles from leading European and Japanese manufacturers.

10W-30 and 10W-40 variants are aimed at latest Japanese models.
Castrol Power 1 Racing employs the very latest Trizone Technology that gives optimum protection to the engine, clutch and gears even under the most arduous conditions, including sustained operations at high rpm.

Increased Acceleration
Castrol Power 1 Racing , with its low friction formulation, has been shown to improve acceleration from rest to max speed by up to 6.5% compared to conventional engine oils, which potentially translates into an advantage of up to 5 bike lengths over 1.8 km distance as shown in the graph below.

Castrol Oil is used by customers of leading motorcycle manufacturers like Aprilia, BMW, Cagiva Mito, Ducati, Indian Chief, Kawasaki, Honda, Harley Davidson, Moto Gazzi, Moto Morini, Norton, Royal Enfield, Piaggio, Suzuki, Triumph Thunderbird, Victory, Yamaha all use and most recommend Castrol Motorcycle Engine Oils.

Castrol Code- CAS-2249-7176
Bar Code- 8005707983207

Castrol 14585600 1L Garden Chain Oil

Castrol 14585600 1L Garden Chain Oil

Castrol Garden Chain Oil is a highly refined mineral oil, recommended for use as a lubricant for chainsaw chains. The oil provides excellent performance and is complete with adhesive additives to minimise fling off.


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