Farecla 7166 500ml G3 Professional Resin Superwax

G3 products from Farécla are the No.1 choice for bodyshops around the world…

Technically advanced formulas developed alongside paint and lacquer manufacturers make them safe and effective for all paint types….

G3 Resin Superwax is an interlinked protection system constructed from the highest grade carnauba, montanic and paraffin waxes to provide an easy to apply concentrated wax with unprecedented protection and mirror gloss finish….

G3 Resin Superwax gives bodywork a long-life high gloss finish and protection for up to 4 months. It protects from everyday traffic film building up on the surface…

G3 Resin Superwax works well on its own, but for best results use as step 4 in our 4 step complete bodywork renovation system….



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Farécla SGM14/12 Standard G-Mop Compounding Sponge

Farécla SGM14/12 Standard G-Mop Compounding Sponge

?For use with:
?G3 Regular Grade Paste
?Advanced G3 Liquid
?G4 Paste
?Advanced G4 Liquid
?G6 Rapid Grade Paste
?G10 Extra Fine Grade Liquid
?For use on:
?Refinish paint
?GRP and composite surfaces
?Acrylic surfaces
?Furniture coatings

ICI 5092808 750ml Hammerite Metal Paint Smooth – Silver

ICI 5092808 750ml Hammerite Metal Paint Smooth - Silver

Hammerite Direct to Rust Smooth Finish Silver 750ml HMMSFS750 Hammerite Direct To Rust Metal Paint can be painted directly onto rusty surfaces and, thanks to its special 3 in 1 formula, there is no need to use a primer or undercoat – saving you precious time!Hammerite forms a superior barrier that not only seals out moisture, but also gives long lasting protection, both inside and outside.Touch dry in an hour, Hammerite is corrosion resistant and is suitable for use on a wide range of exterior metal including gates, railings, drainpipes, guttering and garden furniture. Protects for up to 5 years.HMMSFS750 Direct to Rust Metal Paint has the following specifications:Finish: Smooth.Colour: Silver.Size: 750ml. HMMSFS750


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