Muc-Off Wheel Cleaner 5L

Muc-Off wheel cleaner is non-caustic, solvent free, alkaline based and completely bio-degradeable. It cuts through road grime, brake dust and dirt depostits quickly and safely. "Why not try Muc-Off Silica Wheel Seal to protect your wheels and tyres"



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Spray Cap Cleaner 400ml By Monstercolors

Spray Cap Cleaner 400ml By Monstercolors

400ml Monster Premier cap cleaner, This can of cap cleanin solvent is great for cleaning caps / tips / nozzles it can also be used for cleaning up paint spills & paint overspray. When your finished painting just put your used cap on the can andspray them clean, this enables you to use them again & again, if caps are old and totally clocked spray cleaner directly on to the face of the cap, then place blocked cap on to cleaner and spray, You can also create special effects when sprayed over over wet and dry paints.


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