Bench Grinder 16mm Spindle Adapters Metal Polishing Kit.

Attach to your 8" bench grinder for use with polishing mops up to 8" diameter (200mm).

For use on 8" bench grinders or polishing machines with a 16mm, 5/8" shaft diameter.
The adapter slides onto the existing bench grinder shaft and is secured by a grub screw.


Please check the shaft diameter of your machine before you place your order.


Internal bore – 16mm or 5/8"
Total length – 150mm
Length of taper – 68mm
Diameter of body – 25mm
Taper – 5mm – 25mm



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DAS6 Professional 850 watt Machine Polisher & Meguiars Compounds Ultimate Car Polishing Kit

DAS6 Professional 850 watt Machine Polisher & Meguiars Compounds Ultimate Car Polishing Kit

This Deltalyo DAS Pro 850 watt Machine Polisher & Meguiars Compounds Ultimate Polishing Kit has everything you need to get that perfect finish on your cars paintwork.

PLUS 1x Free Deltalyo Pro Polisher Storage Bag!!

Take a look at the pictures below to see what this polisher can really do for your paintwork.

Here is what’s in this fantastic DAS6 850 watt & Meguiars kit:

1x DAS6 850 watt dual action electric polisher.

1x Meguiars 80 Compound

1x Meguiars 82 Compound

1x Meguiars 83 Compound

1x Meguiars Show Glaze no7

1x Meguiars Pro wax / sealant

1x Flexipads 7" Ultimate Foam ‘maroon’ Cutting Pad

1x Flexipads 7" Ultimate Foam ‘yellow’ Polishing pad

1x Flexipads 7" Ultimate ‘black’ Finishing pad

1x Roll of 3m 2328 detailing masking tape 50m x 24mm, colour of this tape is white ‘not blue as per picture’

1x Detailing Dusting Brush


This Deltalyo DAS6 Pro polisher is modelled on the worlds best selling DAS-6 machine, this machine has a much more powerful 850w motor, 6 speed settings, a 6 meter long cable for ease of movement, and comes complete with a comfortable multi position D grip handle and 1x 6" backing plate.

This dual action machine polisher is low risk and ideal for removing swirls and minor scratches as well as applying glazes, sealants and waxes. Fully compatible with backing plates and pads available for all the same orbit thread size of 5/16" by 24

Weight 2.23 kg (approx)

Flexipads 6" Velvet Light – Medium *Orange Peel* Rotary Machine Polishing Pad

Flexipads 6" Velvet Light - Medium *Orange Peel* Rotary Machine Polishing Pad

With this Velvet Orange Peel Removal pad you can now remove or substantially reduce orange peel in the top layer without sanding.

While removing orange peel and deep defects you are also polishing the paint rather than leaving sanding marks which reduces the steps needed afterwards.

1x 150mm – 6" pad
* Remove Orange Peel and deep defects while simultaneously polishing paint
* Equivalent to 3000 grit sandpaper with out the dulling of paint and sanding haze
* Remove Orange Peel without sanding
* Orange peel removal without the haze generated by sanding
* Breather perforations to avoid paint dust buildup on pad and help keep heat down
* Polish the paint while removing the ridges of orange peel
* Less dust and clean up prior to finishing polish

* Size: 6" Diameter
* Made in: Great Britain
* Pore Size: 90ppi
* Material: Velvet polishing surface with Velcro backing
* Color: Purple
Directions for use:
* Attach to Velcro backing plate on a Rotary polisher
* Apply a few drops of polish to paint or pad according to your skills and preference
* Work a 2′ x 2′ section or larger to keep heat down as needed but remember the larger the area the more time it will take to level orange peel and defects.
* Begin working polish on low speed for a pass or so.
* Step up speed to approx. 1200 rpm (adjust as needed)
* With proper lighting observe the level of orange peel removal while you work
* Apply more polish if needed or a spray of water on pad to re-activate lubricants
* When satisfied with orange peel and defect removal slow speed, ending at 600 rpm as you finish down the polish
* Refine finish with a foam pad or microfiber pad and polish


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