Polishing machine with 6-inch polishing pad

So that the beauty of their car is shown to full advantage, FK offers a wide range of automotive products for the car maintenance in the FK-Online shop for tuning modern sports car accessories. Whether you want to clean the interior or the exterior can shine, no matter whether or persistent light dust contamination, with high-quality products and a wide range of cleaning and hygiene products from FK Automotive makes cleaning the car fun! The car wash is all well and good, but the best is yet still, the corners and edges, curves and curves of his car to caressitself. With the car care products from FK they come into the smallest corners and angles. And for the sophisticated care, we even offer polishing machines. The polishing machines, they are also polishing bonnets for reordering in the FK-Online Shop. Only the best leather to her car, so the FK Automotive leather is also of high quality, genuine leather. For the care of their interiors FK Automotive microfiber towels provides for gentle cleaning. With the complete set of FK they move any dirt effectively body. The car is cleaning kits are available in different variants. They include for example auto leather, cleaning cloths, sponge or even a vacuum cleaner as a collapsible 11 liter buckets, which can be stowed to save space. The wheels of a car are a real eye-catcher. To shine this fall and into the eye, offers FK automotive wheel cleaner that solve the most stubborn dirt. Facilitate the care of their car and let it shine with the car care products from the FK-Online Shop. Lots of great tuning parts that are worth maintaining, they will also find the online store of FK Automotive.



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3M Extra Fine Rotary Machine Car Polishing Compound 50417

3M Extra Fine Rotary Machine Car Polishing Compound 50417

Medium-Grade Compound. A less aggressive compound than Fast Cut + Compound 50417, this fine finish compound is ideal for removing medium swirl marks, defects and light scratches prior to final polishing.

This 3m fine finish compound is designed specifically for modern scratch resistant clear coat paint systems. Also excellent as a single compound/polish product for standard 2 pack paint systems. Used in conjunction with two accessories – a wool buff giving high cut rate followed by a foam pad for excellent finish.

1 Litre Bottle
*Ideal for light scratch & medium swirl removal

*Provides excellent high gloss finish

*Easy to apply

*Yellow top to match recommended yellow compounding pad

Dodo Juice Buff Daddy Supernatural Microfibre Micro Prime Machine Polishing Starter Kit

Dodo Juice Buff Daddy Supernatural Microfibre Micro Prime Machine Polishing Starter Kit

This fantastic kit includes:

1 x Dodo Juice Buff Daddy Dual Action Orbital Dual Action Machine Polisher (includes D-handle, side handle and instructions)

1 x Dodo Juice Buff Daddy 125mm Backing Plate

1 x Dodo Juice Zipped Up Detailing Bag

1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Midi Microfibre Cutting Pad 130mm (for use with 125mm backing plate)

1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Mini Microfibre Cutting Pad 80mm (for use with 75mm backing plate)

1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Orbital Backing Plate 75mm

1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Micro Prime Polish 250ml

1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Deep Pile Microfibre Buffing Cloth 40x40cm

Buff Daddy Description:

The Dodo Juice version of the legendary DAS-6 orbital machine polisher.

Removing swirls by hand can be hard work, time-consuming and often leads to inconsistent results. The answer is a machine polisher – and the most user-friendly of all are the orbital machines (often called ‘Dual Action’ or ‘DA’ polishers). Because the polishing head travels in an orbit, there is less chance of the paint being inadvertently damaged. This lightweight (2.3kg) Dodo Juice DAS-6 500W orbital machine comes with a soft touch gear cover, ventilated 125mm backing plate (to fit the usual 5/16" thread), over 3m of cable (UK plug, 220-240v), a choice of D- or side handles, spare motor brushes and a Dodo Juice embroidered carry bag. It also has two years of warranty and is CE marked. Orbital machines are not compatible with wool cutting pads.

Usage instructions included.

Deltalyo / Kestrel DAS6 500 watt Dual Action Machine Car Polisher

Deltalyo / Kestrel DAS6 500 watt Dual Action Machine Car Polisher

This Deltalyo / Kestrel DAS-6 500 watt motor Dual Action Machine Polisher is the low risk way to high impact shine! This Dual Action machine polisher is low risk and produces far superior result when compared to by the hand polishing application method. The powerful 500 watt motor makes it ideal for removing swirls and minor scratches as well as applying glazes, sealants and waxes.

**Foam pads are sold separately**

1x DAS6 500 watt dual action machine polisher with UK 3 pin plug
1x 6"- 150mm Backing Plate ‘for mounting foam pads too’
1x Position Soft Grip Side Handle
1x D ‘Top’ Handle
1x Spare Pair of Carbon Motor Brushes
1x Wrench
1x User Manual.

Fully compatible with backing plates and pads for G220, Porter Cable and UDM.

6-Speed variable – 2500 – 6500 rpm.

Supplied with 1x 6" – 150mm Velcro Backing Plate.

Aluminium gear housing cover.

Orbit Size: 8mm

·Variable 6 speed settings, 2500, 3200, 3900, 4600. 5500 and 6500 orbits per minute.

·Backing Plate Thread Size: 5/16"

·Variable 6 Speed Dial: 2,500 to 6,500rpm

.Choice of two handles a D Grip top handle of side handle

·Removable side handle (left or right side of machine)

·Weight – 2.3kg (approx)

·CE marked / 240v with UK plug

·3.1 Meter Heavy Duty Cable

·Aluminium Gear Housing Cover

·CNC Finished Gears

·Electricity Feedback Circuit

·1 Year UK Manufacturer Warranty


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