Streetwize SWINV1000 Peak Inverter 1000/ 2000 W

Note that you are responsible for checking the compatability of any items you will use against the product specifications PRIOR TO PURCHASE.

Product Specifications:
Maximum continuous power: 1000W
Surge capacity (peak power): 2000W
Optimum efficiency:



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DOXIN 1000W Car Inverter DC 12v to AC 220v Power supply adapter 1 USB Port

DOXIN 1000W Car Inverter DC 12v to AC 220v Power supply adapter 1 USB Port

Features: 1. Input voltage Range: DC10-15V/20-30V 2. Output voltage: AC220V 3. Output frequency: 50Hz+/-2Hz 4. Fuse: 10A/15A/20A/40A/70A 5. Low battery alarm(nominal): 10.4-11.0v 6. Low battery shutdown point(nominal): 9.7-10.3v 7. High battery shutdown point(nominal): 14.5-15.5v 8. Battery drain with on AC(at 12V input): 90% 10. Durative output power: 1000W 11. Twinkling maximum power: 2000W 12. Output waveform: Modified Modified Sine Wave 13. Size: 191*95*55(mm) 14. Weight: 850g Operate home or office electrical products from a vehicle or boat. Supplies 1000W of AC 220v power from a 12V outlet or battery. 1. Provides 1000W of AC power and 2000W surge power; 2. Audio alarm warns of low battery level prior to auto shut down; 3. Safely shuts down if over temperature or overload condition; 4. Operate a 13" TV for about 5 hours from a typical car battery. 5. Manostat to stabilize voltage. How to determine what products the 1000W power Volts: 220v Amps: 4.55 Watts: 1000w Regarding vehicle-use power inverter, besides 1000w, we also have 80W, 100W, 150W, 160W, 300W, 500W, 800W 1200w, 1500w, and 2000w. Mark: 1. For power inverter 500w, 600w, 800w, they should be with below 100AH car battery, to protcet the battery. 2. For inverter 1000w and above 1000w, they should be with above 150AH car battery, to make them get charged rapidly and protect the battry. 3. Adapt to various electrical appliance, like TV, DVD, fridge, air condition, computer, daylight lamp and so on

12v power inverter

12v power inverter

Will Operate all mains items with a 350 watt Power rating from your 12 volt supply. Ideal for use with all Cars, 4×4, suv’s.


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