Comma HYP5L 5L Hyperclean Engine Degreaser

?Powerful solvent degreaser – cleans engines, components, chassis etc.
?Simple to use – brush or spray on and rinse off with water.

Please Note : It is illegal to sell solvent based products to people under the age of 18, where it is believed they will not be used for their normal intended use. Therefore, we can only accept payment with a valid credit card for this item.



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Fertan Rust Treatment Remover Converter 250ml

Fertan Rust Treatment Remover Converter 250ml

Destroys rust and protects steel.Fertan is the optimal treatment for the removal of rust from all metal constructions. Fertan converts rust to an inert stable surface that can be painted with any type of paint or coating. On bare metal it prevents rust from forming. Fertan is also very efficient at stopping and removing loose rust as it is washed of as a dust and the remainder is converted to form a stable surface. Fertan is a tannic acid that is water based and non toxic. It also has an unlimited shelf life in closed containers. The purpose of Fertan is to provide you with all the benefits of shot blasting with no surface damage and no material loss. The advantage is that it can be achieved by just unscrewing the top of container and working a brush or spray. As there is no blasting the process is nuisance free and silent. You are able to observe and be sure that all the rust has been converted before applying opaque paint coats. Laboratory tests and practical experience have proved this efficiency many hundreds of thousands of times across Europe and the rest of the world.

SHIELD TECHNOLOGY Restore Rust Remover 500ml Bottle

SHIELD TECHNOLOGY Restore Rust Remover 500ml Bottle

This outstanding product can be used by a diverse range of different users, from restorers of all type of vehicle, tool collectors and restorers, boat builders, model engineers and conservators etc. The de-rusting bath is simply made by mixing the contents of the 500ml bottle with 10 litres of plain tap water in a polythene or stainless steel container. The part(s) are first degreased, and any loose or flaky rust removed before suspending the part in the bath. For lightly rusted surfaces, inspect after 1 hour. Remove, wash under running water and scrub surfaces with a nylon brush to remove the dissolved rust. Repeat as necessary until all rust is removed. Finally, rinse clean, dip the part into the solution, remove and dry. If using a stainless steel tank, the solution may be heated to approximately 50 deg.C . This will significantly increase the cleaning process. Parts may now be plated, painted, polished or protected with MetalGuard Ultra or ToolGuard VCI. When the solution becomes blackened and the process excessively slow, dispose of down a drain. The spent solution is biodegradable. Fow more images of how product works go to our picture gallery:


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