Comma HYP5L 5L Hyperclean Engine Degreaser

?Powerful solvent degreaser – cleans engines, components, chassis etc.
?Simple to use – brush or spray on and rinse off with water.

Please Note : It is illegal to sell solvent based products to people under the age of 18, where it is believed they will not be used for their normal intended use. Therefore, we can only accept payment with a valid credit card for this item.



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2 x JENOLITE Liquid Rust Remover Treatment 1 Litre

2 x JENOLITE Liquid Rust Remover Treatment 1 Litre

Where rust is a problem, Jenolite cures and protects: Cars, Motorcycles, Scooters, Bicycles, Lawnmowers, Garden tools & equipment, Guttering, Window frames, Gates, Prams, Swings and Storage tanks.

Hammerite 6100244 90ml Kurust

Hammerite 6100244 90ml Kurust

Hammerite One Coat Kurust Blister 90ml HMMOCK90 Hammerite One Coat Kurust is a water-based primer that transforms rust into a sound surface in 15 minutes. It is ideal for small areas of rust, stone chips and scratches. Kurust is simple to apply, without need of rinsing. No primer or undercoat is required, and a top coat can be applied after only 3 hours. Kurust works by converting iron oxide to stable iron complexes, and turns a black/blue colour whilst doing so.HMMOCK90 in a 90ml blister pack. HMMOCK90


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